Monday, August 03, 2009

Please stop the pollution!!

Some study has shown that 70% of Calcutta residents suffer from respiratory problems, so the government has decided to ban vehicles over 15 years old. How did they establish the connection? I do not know why I am surprised! Such knee-jerk reaction is common in India. Anyone who has been to Calcutta will know that it is a highly polluted city, not different from other cities in India. One needs to be in Calcutta during the rains to appreciate the full nature of pollution due to overflowing drains causing people to wade in ankle or knee deep filthy water to get to school and work. Will they ban the rains next cause it causes so much water logging and consequent pollution? On a similar note, will someone also tell the current US administration that Cash for Clunkers is a bad economic idea. Its a classic example of applying Keynesian logic and suffering from the Broken Window Fallacy.

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