Monday, June 22, 2009

You can't be serious!!

India's North-East has been a contentious place since Independence. The NE states constantly complain that they have been neglected by the central government and that is why they have turned to violent methods. Here is a news item, and the logic is just completely screwy. The village was ruled by the Communist party for 30 years and they did not have any development all those years. Duh!! Sure there was no development. Communists care only about redistribution, and you guys wanted these communists to rule you, why are you complaining now? You say
I also realized that under CPM rule, we had lost the right to speak up. It was time to take a stand and speak up.
Of course you lost your freedom of speech under the communist!!
Here is the one sensible thing in the whole article
And nobody will pay tax to the government anymore.

Yes. Please stop paying taxes, and build roads yourselves. You do not have to become Maoists and bomb useless government offices. They are not going to help you anyway, so why waste precious resources buying bombs when you can use that to buy mortar to build your roads!!

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