Monday, June 29, 2009

Rains delayed, we seek permission to die!!

Those who know India know how much normal life is affected by Monsoons in the country. We are used to listening to platitudes such as agriculture is the back-bone of the country even today (agriculture contributes to less than 30% of GDP), and how agriculture is dependent on Monsoons. Every year we hear about thousands of rain starved farmers committing suicide. Either these farmers are irrational or have some kind of hereditary mental illness. For over 60 years the government has failed to provide adequate irrigation facilities, and they still believe the government will do something for them? Something is seriously wrong with them. They should all take a class in Bayesian Updating and rational behaviour.
The latest is this bunch of farmers who have requested the President to give them permission to die. One guy says he is fed up of red tapism, yet he goes back to the same government to ask for permission to die? Hmm!! What makes him think that the same red tape will make his petition move any faster than building proper irrigation systems? More importantly, what can the President do? Pray to the rain gods?

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Juris Naturalist said...

What happens if the death permission comes through a day before the irrigation project?