Friday, June 26, 2009

I am a Victim of racism

If I follow the logic of Mizoram Chief Minister, every time people ask me if I am Indian they are being racist. No! Seriously... Here's is his logic.

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Jayant said...


The CM is truly correct in his assertion. When people ask you about your nationality for informational purposes that is not racism. But the situation of people from the NE is very different. When they go to, say, visit Taj Mahal, they are asked if they are foreigners. A White or Black person is asked a similar question. What if he is an India? I don't need to show my passport to prove that I am an Indian citizen so why should a person from NE, a White or a Black should have to prove that he is an Indian? But he must do this to avoid paying higher entrance charges to places like Taj Mahal.

And this is not a one off situation. This is a part of the thinking process of at least the people in Delhi.