Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Random Guy!!

I moved this past monday and my colleague Jared asked me how I found this apartment, and if I knew my landlord. I said I found the place on Craigslist, and that my landlord was some random guy who had advertised a place for rent. Jared was quite taken aback that I could trust my life and possessions to some random guy online. When I first moved from Nebraska to Virginia, I found my first landlord online. I had not met her, nor did I know anything about her. I saw her ad, replied to it, and her daughter (a law student back then) drew up the lease papers, made two copies, signed both and mailed them to me, I signed both as well, kept one for my records and sent the other with the first month rent as deposit ($450). I only knew the address in Fairfax, and drove up from NE in my truck. For all I knew, they could have been axe-murderers or just simply cheats with no real address. However, when I landed I was not surprised at all, and I lived in that house for two years and have fond memories (the only reason I had to leave was cause I was going away to India and also had the housing job with on-campus living). 
Of course when I moved this time, I met my landlord and made an informed decision. Sure! There are horror stories out there with Craigslist. But, the number of success stories far outnumber the horror stories. There is no regulation of Craigslist. Its a purely spontaneous creation and market run system and the measure of success is such that a young woman can go ahead and trust some random guy online advertising a house for rent. Markets Rock!!

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