Friday, May 15, 2009

Demand = Supply

I was amused to find the following product on A USB beverage warmer/cooler. What a neat idea!! I do not think I would personally buy it, but apparently someone has expressed a demand for such an item given that it is in the market now. I love the market system. It gives me an enormous variety of products for every whim and fancy. This past couple of weeks I have moved twice and noticed that I have a boatload of stuff. I compared my current moves to my moves back when I was studying/working in India and realised that I never had so many things when I was in India. In fact, when I was in India everytime I moved my stuff I would have 2 medium sized moving boxes filled with my books and stuff, and a one bag for my clothes and personal items. Now, I have a small truck load of stuff. The only reason I lament having so much stuff is cause its a pain moving. Otherwise, I am glad I them because it means at some point I had a demonstrated demand for this stuff and the market supplied it for me. Markets rock!!

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