Monday, May 18, 2009

Criminal Prosecution of Psychics

Last night I was watching 48 Hours on TV and the show was about scammers. One segment was devoted to this Psychic out in Florida who runs a legitimate Psychic business, but who is being criminally prosecuted by the City and State for swindling her customers of thousands of dollars. One lady actually gave her a million dollars and more to help improve her life condition, but now wants to criminally prosecute the Psychic for defrauding her. What I do not understand is how someone can give away a million dollars and then accuse the other person of cheating. C'mon if you believe that Psychics can actually change your life, you gave the money voluntarily. If you did not believe they could help change anything, and still gave the money then there is something else other than rationality that motivated your behaviour. I could not believe that the courts were taking the accusations seriously. 

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