Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grad school colleagues

I am proud to be part of the GMU tradition of grad students. Several of my batch mates and colleagues have defended their dissertation recently and their record is truly amazing. Several of them have completed their Ph.D. in four years, and none later than five years. Not only have they successfully defended, they publish in peer-reviewed journals and they also have great jobs. All these students are sympathetic to Austrian Economics. That is why I think the labeling does not matter. What matters is whether you do good economics consistently. Here they are in some chronological order. I have listed only those that I have known personally. Several more defended who I do not know personally, so I have not listed them.

Pedro Romero
Jenny Dirmeyer
Michael Thomas (defending soon)
Jeremy Horpedahl (defending soon)

Congratulations guys!! I am proud of you and very happy for you. 

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