Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Donkey Vs Elephant

That voting behaviour in India has nothing to do with policies is known to everyone. Voting is just another form of political signaling. My colleague Nakul is doing some interesting work on Voter behaviour in India, and is looking at the special case of Tamil Nadu which has had only two major parties and leaders the last 3 decades or so. However, irrespective of who is in power and what their election manifesto is, business is as usual in the state. Meanwhile, what gets politicians votes in India is what mode of transport they use to arrive at the court complex to file their nominations. Here is one politician on a donkey. Here's another on an Elephant. What can I say? India is a pretty vibrant country!! :D

1 comment:

Arnold said...

Nice catch on the Elephant v/s Donkey thing!

I'm not voting, I don't see why anyone else is either.