Friday, March 27, 2009

Hershey's Krackel

Where can you buy a bag of Hershey's Krackel? Just that product and nothing else in the bag. Right now, you can buy a mixed bag of mini bars with some krackel, some Mr.goodbar and proportionately more regular milk chocolate mini bars. Why would Hershey's not sell krackel in independent bags, and even in assorted bags have just a few? Here are my economic explanations:
  1. Krackel is probably not as popular as Hershey's regular milk chocolate, aka demand for Krackel is not high enough to warrant Hershey's to make an independent bag of just Krackel
  2. Nestle Crunch is a close substitute and probably has the higher market share
I cannot think of other economic reasons. Do you have any?

ps: I emailed Hershey's marketing department and got this reply:

Thank you for contacting The Hershey Company. Your comments about KRACKEL chocolate bar are important.

We are sorry to disappoint you, but KRACKEL chocolate bar is currently not available. This product is not being produced for nationwide retail distribution at this time and we are unable to provide you with details as to when and where you might be able to obtain this product. We apologize for any inconvenience and assure you that your comments will be shared with our Marketing Department.

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Bruce said...

They probably do not make Krackel because they have to make choices as to which products for which they will seek shelf space, and they likely think that other bars they make will better perform in the marketplace. I also love Krackel (and Mr. Goodbar), and while Crunch is a close (but more waxy) alternative to Krackel, I don't know of another peanut chocolate bar.