Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mumbai Continued

Terrorists of the world, shake in your boots, the Indian interrogators will make you spill your beans even though the Intelligence Bureau is so incompetent as to not figure out in advance about planned attacks. Isn't it amazing that the lone captured terrorist (who has not been seen or or heard live by the media since he was captured live on Saturday) tells Indian authorities that he is from Pakistan and that he and others were trained by ex-Pakistani military men. Is it surprising just to me that the group leadership goes to such great lengths to maintain secrecy about the planned attacks, but lets the ground operatives (who are likely to be caught) know everything about their group including who the trainers are? Am I the only one to think that the questions asked and answers are exactly what the Indian politician and Hindu fundamentalist need to frame Pakistan. These highly trained professionals just walk around with GPS systems with details of the origin of their operation? They also walk around with Pakistani passports. C'mon Indian bureaucrats, the 80s movie style is old, Hollywood has moved on to newer technology with terrorists and interrogation techniques. You should move on to more believable stuff and provide hard evidence rather than your ideas and opinions to make me believe who the true culprits are besides yourself. 


effay said...

I was thinking these exact same things. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist or something, but I can only imagine that either (1) this is a really poor job of lying by Indian authorities, or (2) whoever is behind these attacks is sitting somewhere laughing to death that the Indians bought their false flag.

I swear I read an article the other day that said the GPS phone had the call log and THE CALLERS' NAMES in it! Yeah right.

Vikas said...

"Hindu fundamentalists need to frame Pakistan?"

I take offense at this statement of yours. It seems strange to me that you confuse combatting terrorism with religion. These arre the people who give secular behaviour a bad name.