Monday, September 15, 2008

Trade is mutually Beneficial

Several people speculate that beggars in India are not really that poor. Here is a funny side to an often repeated economic argument. If you do not want to hit the link, here is the post:
A friend parks his car near M. G. Road and is asked for Rs. 5 by the parking attendant on duty. The smallest note he has is a twenty and the attendant doesn’t have change. Meanwhile, there’s a beggar pestering him for alms on the side.

My friend, turns to the beggar and tells him he’ll trade him the twenty for a ten and a five, completes the deal with the more-than-bemused beggar, hands the attendant the five bucks, pockets the ten and walks away leaving everyone happy.

Change from a beggar—who would have thought of it!
Courtesy Arnold


Arnold said...

Heh! Just link! Let the lazy readers click through! (Give a snippet to entice the ones on the fence.) Thanks though! And yes, can't get said enough -- trade is beneficial!

Arnold said...

Ummm... Whoops! ^mutually beneficial! Sorry!

veekaas said...

ya nice thought.