Sunday, August 03, 2008

What a joke!!!

This morning, I was looking for online resources for some of the data I am working on. I stumbled on a labour department portal which acts as a one point resource for other state labour department websites in India. For a second I thought a pop up advertisement had opened up, but it was the Government portal, multi coloured with flashing signs and photos. Here is the link. That is not the joke. The joke is this link here which is the FAQ page of the Kerala Labour department. Actually, even that can be considered ok. Here is a sample Q&A from the Trade Union section of the page

Q: fghgsaddd
A: ftsdadydsdds

Q: How many persons required for
making an application for Registration of a Trade Union
A: yyyyyyyyyyy
Go check it out if you do not believe me. Here is what made me roll on the floor laughing. Go to the drop down list in the Search menu in the above website, select RTE and hit search. Now, you know where to go if you forget your typing alphabets. This from a state supposed to have 100% literacy and who's next goal is to be 100% computer literate. Yippie Ki yay!

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Arnold said...

I was reading some of your older posts. Very interesting blog!