Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We are one of the top Econ programs

I am proud to be a student at GMU. I have always been proud of our Econ department, now more than ever. We are ranked above Texas A&M and UC-Irvine which is an amazing achievement. Overall we stand at #41 in the US and 3rd in Methodology and History of Economic Thought, the latter is my favourite hobby as a Grad student. The link to Don Boudreaux's e-mail is here. I have constantly defended the merits of a GMU Econ degree, and have been challenged to show proof that we are good. Here is the proof as others require it, in terms of a ranking. However, I must say that we have a very good placement, research and publishing record even without a ranking and even for us Austrians who are constantly asked to prove ourselves. I am proud to be a GMU Econ grad with Austrian leanings. 

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