Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wake up and smell the Drains!!

In the three weeks or so that I have been in India I have been seeing one ridiculous news report after another and even more ridiculous responses from public officials and local groups. Take the example of this poor newsman. All he did was point out that the government had better things to do, such as concentrate on infrastructure development, than spend money on million dollar projects to erect a statue to a long dead 17th century King. The editor's house was ransacked by local activists who accused him of tarnishing the image of a hero. Whatever happened to press freedom, and where are all the reporters covering this infringement of individual freedoms guaranteed by the constitution? They are all busy fanning the flames of this case, which is equally ridiculous in how politicized it has become. 

Another self-styled group has filed a case against a South Indian actress, because she apparently showed disrespect to a Hindu Goddess. A couple of years back there was case filed against her because she openly talked about pre-marital sex and suggested contraceptive use to prevent AIDS and other diseases. The ridiculousness of the priorities of the citizens (both political and otherwise) is simply staggering. 

Even more ridiculous is the reaction of Mumbai government to this recent monsoon season advisory for US citizens in India. This notice has been used to bash the US some more by people who are even more ridiculous than politicians

While the country is gearing up for the monsoon season, overflowing drains and everything the US Embassy advisory states, politicians would want us to believe that they smell of roses and others are tarnishing their image. Isn't it time at least for the educated to take media and political reports with a pinch of salt if not a pillar!!

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