Tuesday, June 10, 2008

RIP Sudha Shenoy

Our dear Sudha passed away last week. I just heard about it and it really saddens me. I had the wonderful opportunity to not only meet her and talk to her, but have dinner with her on two occasions where she regaled me and my friend with lovely stories about her experiences growing up in India with her father Dr.B.R.Shenoy and as a young student in UK. I had no clue she was sick. Sick or old, her mind was as sharp as any young student's. One of the funniest stories she told us was her experience at a Mont Pelerin Society meeting. One evening after the meeting the group decided to watch a play in the local theatre. In one scene, the actor on stage spouted some dialogue about the 'invisible hand working', and our group of scholars roared into applause and a standing ovation. The poor actor apparently had no clue what was brilliant about that part of the play, and would have been disappointed the next day when he did not receive the same reception to his rendition of the invisible hand. I learned from her about her father's battle with Indian Planners, and how his ideas and experiences shaped her own. She was a wonderful woman, who has taught me to me tenacious even in the face of criticism and non-acceptance from everyone around you. She remains a role model to me. The libertarian and Austrian movement will sorely miss you Sudha. 

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