Tuesday, April 22, 2008

March your way into a Totalitarian State!!

What next! The Government telling me how many kids I can have and what kind of cars, clothes and food I should consume. There is a law requiring all Television signals to switch to Digital in February 2009. I am surprised there is no outrage against this law which is a direct infringement of individual and business choices to the kind of signal they want to transmit and receive. This morning I read another really alarming news item. Apparently car manufacturers will be required to conform to a minimum 31 miles per gallon fuel efficiency norm. Read the story here. This is because the Bush Administration is concerned about global warming and rising fuel prices. For a country that values individual freedom America is the land with an alarming number of such silly laws and regulation restricting individual choice. It is becoming a totalitarian economy where everything has to conform to the laws laid down by the government. Americans are giving up their hard earned freedom to the government and not even realizing it.


Kevin Hilferty said...

The sad thing is that the US is relatively more free than nearly all countries. We're on that long road to serfdom :(.

Ali Hasanain said...

I don't like the fuel efficiency rules either, but then they should probably tax cars shouldn't they? Given how there are externalities in that system?

Richard said...

Yes. I believe this is what happens with states. They grow.

Perhaps I would disagree with your assertion "Americans are giving up their hard earned freedom ..." because it implies Americans earned their freedom. I believe on the contrary that the freedoms enjoyed in fortunate nations such as America were created by larger historical processes, as I have described in my paper
The History of Free Nations.

Richard Hammer
Hillsborough, North Carolina

Prabhu said...

Hey Triya,
I would respectfully disagree with the statement that enforcing fuel standards is a "silly law". Scientific community overwhelmingly claims Global Warming to be a real effect. And besides, Freedom doesn't mean acting at will without caring about the consequences. To state an unrelated example I heard on radio today : It was due to govt. regulation that processed food makers were forced to state the amount of trans fats on the labels, causing them to reduce fat levels in the foods. The existence of free markets needs law enforcement, right?
Prabhu Raman