Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another little step

Yesterday I defended my dissertation proposal in front of my committee and they decided that it was good enough for me to move to the next stage of my Graduate Career. I have now almost advanced to candidacy. What it means is that my Committee has signed a form which needs to go through the appropriate channels to be approved. It will be official once it has several signatures from people across campus. Last year this time, I would not have imagined this. Things just fell into place this academic year. This achievement would not have been possible without the support of my committee who kept pushing me to work harder. It is the culmination of work that started as an amoeba of an idea last summer. The road ahead is still long but now at least the end is in sight and I am hopeful of successfully getting my PhD.


Brian Hollar said...

Congratulations, Triya! We'll have to celebrate once I get exams out of the way!

Kirk said...

Congratulations and good on ya!

I see you having a big impact on representing the ideas of liberty to the people of India in the next half century -- and positively affecting the scholarly world as a whole as well. Reading you makes me wonder what Sudha Shenoy might have written about if she had had blog communication technology in her days of study for her PhD.

I will look forward to reading it as the future unfolds.

ramachandran said...

Hi Triya,

Congrats. This is really a long way from the days when you were an IIM-aspirant.

Remember once you wrote to me in utter despair - "Namma college radha college than".

It is nice to be in touch with you through your blog posts. Do mail once in a blue amavasai atleast ;-)

bye and take care,