Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why are they surprised?

This evening, I had a nice time with a few friends, watching Devdas with lotsa Indian food. The topic of blogs came up sometime and my friends seemed surprised that I find economic logic and meaning in everything. I mentioned to them that I could see economics in the movie and in Harry Potter. Especially the latter which has so much economics. Their surprise has set me wondering if I am the odd ball in a PhD program. How can someone who is doing their PhD in Economics not see economic logic in everything? It is so much a part of my being that I am passionate about economics. In addition, isn't that why people do a PhD, because they have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in their subject of interest. We see that among other Social Scientists, especially Sociologists, Psychologists and Anthropologists. Why is it missing in Economics? Why are Econ grad students not passionately in love with economics? I eat, breathe and live economics, why don't they? Have I finally gone over the edge and become cukooo!! When I tell people that I have been studying economics for more than a decade now they are very surprised as well. I don't understand their surprise!! I do not see myself doing anything else but do more economics and pass on the love and passion for the subject to a few students every year. I think I would be intellectually dead if economics disappeared from my life. It is so much part of me. What is the lens through which they are seeing me and economics? We are looking at the same thing from different windows and in the immortal words of Frost.. "and that has made all the difference.."

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