Saturday, November 03, 2007

Why do we trust the AICTE

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is the regulatory body for Technical Schools in the country. They set the standards and accredit insitutions based on those standards. As is to be expected out of an institution like that it is highly corrupt and hinders educational institutions rather than aiding them. Government schools have a terrible reputation in India. Even the poorest parent wants their children to go to a good "private school". There seems to be a paradox here. On the one hand they want to be in private schools because they are better and on the other hand they want to be in AICTE approved colleges. Why is this approval so important to people? It is true that government jobs become totally unavailable to those who have a degree from a private un-accredited college. However, the private sector is more than willing to take up the slack. TCS and other business houses have their own educational institutions and do not care about accredition. The market has indeed catered to the growing demand for certain kinds of educational institutions. When the tech boom hit, several thousand small computer training institutes sprang up almost overnight. In a similar way, when the MBA craze hit, we saw MBA schools in every street corner in big and medium cities. Quality of such institutes is clearly visible through their placement record and through a simple survey of students who go there. If people think a certain school is overpriced for the education they provide they would choose a different school. Why do we need a meddlesome regulator telling us which ones are the good schools and which ones the bad? In addition I am sure getting accredition is a long process with at least a dozen forms to fill out, a few different bureaucrats to please and several archaic practices to follow. As a simple cost benefit analysis, the costs are most definitely very high and so several institutes prefer to remain un-accredited. Its not that the public know this. Why is there this blind faith that an accredited institute is somehow better than an un-accredited school?

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Unknown Indian said...

Nice post. Fact is that the AICTE is a bunch of jokers - their unapproved institutes include the Indian School of Busines, Hyderabad (the same place where students get Rs. 1 cr. + salary offers) - and they seem to have succeeded in getting courts to bless their effort to force the CFA Institute out of India. For my thought, please see this