Sunday, November 11, 2007

Never make students angry!!

This past week has been a frenzy of activity. Last week General Musharraf declared a State of Emergency in Pakistan, suspended the Constitution and threw judges, lawyers and dissenters in jail. For a country that has become used to rule by the military, there has been a surprising revolution. Students have taken to the streets demanding restoration of the Constitution and Rule of Law. This is the last group any leader wants to go against. Most modern revolts have been Student organized and led. the young people are no group to anger in any country. If they decide to protest they can bring the administration down. The Pakistani people have gone through several corrupt leaders and even put up with the General in spite of his coup. Now, the general has gone over the edge and students have risen up in revolt. I am proud of my Pakistani friends across the border. They are fighting for a just cause, the restoration of the rule of law. Ali my Pakistani friend here has done nothing this past week but work hard towards organizing a peaceful protest against the Emergency Rule in Pakistan.

All it takes is one man to stop the tanks!

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Daniel J. D'Amico said...


The man in the photo was not successful he was pulled to the ground by onlookers and the Tiananmen Square resulted in the massacre of 400 to 800 people as estimated by the New York Times.