Monday, October 08, 2007

Translating Hayek into Indian languages

I have been reading a lot of Hayek lately for my Constitutional class and one thing that strikes me is that there is no translation of Hayek into any Indian language. That is really strange since Marx is read by at least two linguistic groups in their local language. I wish I could say I was proficient enough scientifically in any other language than English. Then I would gladly take on the job of translating Hayek and Buchanan and Tullock for Indian audiences. There are a lot of very literate people in India who read the dailies. All we need is a good local language translation and the rights to run a Road to Serfdom or Calculus of Consent series in one of the dailies. In less than one generation we can convert India from a Socialist country to a free market country. Need to go find that Charles Koch of India who would sponsor such an activity and a scholar who can do the translation.


Gyan said...

The leftist Profs at Indian Universities such as JNU do not let Hayek books be purchased.
Maybe somebody could donete old Hayek volumes to Indian Universities.

Dont forgot that Soviets used to sell cheap Marxists books in all Indian campuses.

Triya said...

Thanx for the idea Gyan. If I mail you a few free copies can you distribute them?

Niranjan said...

hi triya,

i came to your blog from the link provided my arnold kling in his post on gmu bloggers.

i am the editorial page editor of mint, a new financial daily published by ht media and the wall street journal.

i am usually on the look out for young libertarian writers. would be good if you could write occassionally for me.

niranjan rajadhyaksha