Sunday, July 22, 2007

Entrepreneurial elements always find a way!!

One of the many things that hit me when I first landed in India was the number of unsolicited calls from all kinds of marketing groups selling me all manner of things. It is pretty irritating, especially when you are trying to doze in the middle of the day after a hearty meal, and just as you drift into dream land your phone rings and there is someone at the other end trying to sell you credit cards or insurance or what have you. Here is how some people are dealing with it. This is an excerpt from an article from the Times of India Ahmedabad city edition.

Pesky call trouble? Try this out

Radha Sharma | TNN

Ahmedabad: “This is a public request. If you are an agent selling insurance, loans or personal finance, you are please requested not to waste your money and my time. Thank you!”.
If you too are harassed by the tirade of tele-marketing agents calling you up at the wrong time, you might take a cue from this specially recorded caller tune by critical care specialist Dr Raj Rawal on his mobile phone.
Dr Rawal says the idea was born out of a desperate need to stem the nuisance of being pestered daily by agents selling things he did not want. To his glee, the idea has worked!
“Earlier I used to get 10 such calls a day, now only one of them dares to speak to me after hearing the caller tune,” says Dr Rawal.
High-strung professionals have devised their own novel ways of warding off tele-marketing companies. From ‘leave me alone’ caller tunes to witty dialogues, these harassed professionals seem all geared up with tailor-made answers to beat the tele-marketing nuisance.
Daxesh Mehta, a software engineer, takes refuge in dark humour. “Whenever I get a call from agents selling loans
for banks, I tell them I have currently lodged in the jail for defaulting on a huge housing loan,” chuckles Mehta...

How long will it be before an enterprising individual cashes in on this idea? Here is a huge market potential.

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