Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bharat Punarnirman Dal

The last month or so has been a time of several agitations and riots in India. I am sure this is pretty common here, but I am observing it first hand now that I am physically here. A couple of weeks back in Rajasthan (a north western state) two communities clashed and riots ensued. The Gujjar community were demanding that they be categorized as Scheduled Tribe (ST) and the Meenas who are a dominant 'backward' community in the state were protesting because they felt that the Gujjars would pose a direct competition to them. The competition here is in securing seats in educational institutions and government jobs where there is a quota for people belong to different 'lower' castes. First there is a 15% quota for SC and ST, on top of that there is a 50% quota for Other Backward Communities (OBC), in addition there are State specific quotas and the list goes on.

It is ridiculous to see such riots. It is also very sad because it is indeed these differences that politicians exploit to keep this country from progressing. For long we have been complaining about this but nothing seems to be happening. Now however, I am happy and proud to know that youngsters in India have started progressively taking positive steps towards political reforms rather than just sit and complain about it all the time. With the intellectual atmosphere at an all time low due to riots and agitations in every region of the country demanding more quotas and more reservations for 'backward communities', this is a welcome relief to me. At times it is despairing to see that the lower castes call themselves the minority, when they make up about 60% of the population, and more and more communities fight for minority status.

A group of young and well qualified youth have started a political party with good intentions towards reforming the political system from within. They call themselves the Bharat Punarnirman Dal, which roughly translates to a India Reconstruction Group. Here is their website. They do seem well qualified and they have a practical workable agenda. This is a group that needs to be closely watched cause they have great potential for success in their plans.


Anonymous said...

Remind me whenever this fantasy political party gets anywhere. At best, they will end up as corrupt politicians. Most likely, they will cease to exist, as they look too stupid to me. For if they had brains and nice hearts, they would have gone into some productive endeavor.

Being too impressed with "qualifications" is superstitious. Believing that politicians can achieve anything positive, even if they were good people, is another superstition.

You might like to read "Lord of the rings"--power corrupts, so the best way out is to avoid it. Hypothetically, even if it did not corrupt, there was no way good leaders could achieve anything. India will not change until the individual there decides to.


Triya said...

Sure!! I agree with much of what you say. However, I am also a die hard optimist and am seeing a distinct shift in the way young people in India think and act these days. :)

B Shantanu said...

This "fantasy party" is a little more real now that it has actually won an election (albeit a local one).
I have met some of their members and while you may consider them somewhat inexperienced and naive, they are definitely not stupid...

We should feel pleased that at least someone with a brain and a nice heart wants to attempt change at this complain about the dismal state of affairs is of course the easiest option.

You say, "India will not change until the individual there decides to." - Well these individuals have decided to...lets extend them the support they need and richly deserve.

B Shantanu

P.S. You and others may find these posts on my blog interesting:


yogijp said...

There are many such political startups..

Paritrana comes to mind. So does Bharat Uday Mission. There are others, which I forgot.

My humble bigoted view is that most (if not all!) of them are clueless.

Mahesh Patil said...

Mr.Jayant I have taken a note of your worry and i would surely like to assure you we will work on it.

Mahesh Pramod Patil
BPD-NWC Member and
Maharashtra State President.

Mahesh Patil said...

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BPD-NWC Member and
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