Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why Perestroika failed?

I did not read this book till two days back, but my final paper for my Austrian class echoes the ideas in this book. The biggest difference is, Pete quotes like crazy and I had zero references in my paper. Also, the book is about Russia and my paper was about India's economic reforms. The main idea in my paper was the failure of the reforms in India due to lack of credible commitment form the very unstable political sector inspite of the great potential. If I can as much as repeat a similar story as the book for my dissertation it would be amazing. A lot remains unsaid with transition economies yet and I hope to tap into this little explained field in economics. This summer is my feeler toward my final dissertation. I need to progress from the 'I think this' stage to 'I can prove this' stage. I have a daunting reading list of most of Hayek's works and a couple of Don Lavoie books in addition to my local literature survey. There are only 24 hours in a day, and hopefully I will be able to fit in all my reading and research assignments and intrrspace them with some fun with family and pals.

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