Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What I have learned from my Professors

Prof.Cowen told us his thirs law in class almost two years ago, "There is a literature on everything.." Right now I am looking for literature that could lead to a good dissertation. I have been working on this missing entrepreneur idea for a while now and it is hard to get it out of my system. The more I read the more literature I unearth, and I believe the paper has progressed significantly since the first draft more than 8 months ago. Now I am beginning to understand what Pete always says about a good paper project taking about a year or so from start to finish for him. I used to wonder why it took him so long. The more you read the more you discover how much you do not know. But reading is not enough. Like Prof.Wagner always says, "Reading and Thinking without writing is like day dreaming..". This summer hopefully I will not just day dream but do productive work.

The last time I visited family, one of my relatives who manages a big organisation mentioned something interesting. He said that recent academic stuff seems more relevant to business environment than stuff a decade ago. That set me thinking into the kind of books being published. This was also part of a question I had to answer for my Austrian II class. Most of the readings we had in that class were books that had Austrian style arguments for the most part, without calling the theories explicitly Austrian. Here is a success story of ideas. Who cares what the field is called. I have shied away from being branded hard-core Austrian. I believe in the ideas and not the idols. It has been the bane of many movements, that have lost steam after the founders passed away, that they faded away because they concentrated on their idols and not the ideas. So the books we have read this semester make me believe that there is a strong future for people like me, after all these authors are from MIT and such hardcore mainstream places.

Getting back to my point about entrepreneurs, my main contention is that business schools still study entrepreneurs not only because they try to teach entrepreneurship, but also because of their research strategy of using case studies. Analytical narratives and case studies in economics are becoming fashionable only now with the success of Professors like Willam Easterly. The winds have shifted in favor of people like us and I am glad to have had Prof.Cowen drum his third law into me.

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yogijp said...

Just wondering whether you have a collected/bookmarked literature research ..

For a week or two, I used diigo to bookmark and highlight, found it to be a nifty tool.