Sunday, April 22, 2007

Please spare our children

The school board in India (NCERT) has a plan to remove the two main finishing school examinations in the country (Class X and Class XII). In addition they want to remove the pass fail system in all classes and replace it with grades so 'students have ample scope for improvement'. This is a bad move. Students will have no incentive to study, and this reeks very much of the US Public School ideas. US Public Schools have no retention (no student is failed in a class) and this has been a disaster in this country. Students graduate from high school without knowing even the basics of reading and math. The several misturns in educational policy is India are wrecking havoc in India's competitiveness, this will completely ruin it. The one strength India has always had is its well trained, educated and highly competitive students. Indian students are known as intelligent students across universities in the the US and are well respected across the world. This current move by NCERT will lead to failure on several grounds. This is but the beginning of doom. The biggest problem with all of this is that the results will not appear immediately. The consequences of these policies will be felt 10-15 years from now when this current set of grade schoolers will graduate from high school. Please spare our children and give them a chance at a decent life.

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