Saturday, January 27, 2007

Solutions to traffic problems

Karthik and I were talking this morning about how terrible traffic is in Delhi. Here is one of the alternative ideas we came up with.

Deregulate air travel, so it becomes cheaper for individuals to own private jets and helicopters. This would make owning helicopters cheaper and may lead to a Helicopter-taxi service. The operations of this service would be simple. There would be fixed routes operated by different carriers, and helipads on roof tops of apartments and office buildings. In fact the helicopters need not even land on office rooftops. There can just be a giant airbag onto which individuals can jump and walk away to their offices. There would then emerge a market for training institutes to teach proper jump techniques and big insurance markets for all. I believe there exists a class of individuals that would be willing to pay for such services to avoid the hustle and bustle of road transport and commute through roadways. The question that remains is why is not a popular idea yet even in the West where most innovations take root? Are there strict regulations? Is it so expensive that no one is willing to take it on? Why wouldn't jet setting top executives prefer this mode of transport?

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