Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hope for India

I was plesantly surprised to see an outburst of emotion against the news article about Sitaram Yechury's comment to rewrite Indian history. So many people do seem to believe that Communism would sound the death knell to India's progress. It gives more encouragement to my beliefs that India has a lot to look forward to towards making progress. The Russian and Chinese examples have been cited more than once in the comments. It is heartening to see Indian individuals believing that capitalism is the key to success. If only they showed the same vigour in embracing many more capitalistic ideas my job will become an easy one. The big business bashing needs to stop. I guess much of the ire against such firms is because they were the monopolies during the license raj and they have profited by garnering favours rather than by actual efficiency in production. Another reason is the big divide between the haves and have nots. Last week's issue of The Economist had articles about this divide. If there is some logic to the trickle down effect, I wonder why the proportion of poor in India has not gone down even marginally and why there are still so many people whose nutritional intake is lower than in Sub-Saharan countries. Food production has been in surplus for more than a decade now. The IT revolution has enabled the middle classes to climb higher and has also expanded the middle income group's proportion in population. Have the poor benefitted from any of these at the grass roots level in terms of the basic needs of life? So many puzzles! The truth remains that Communism is not the solution.

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