Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Respect for property rights

This evening I was jarred to reality within the Economics department. There is no respect for property rights. For over a year, I have done all I could to keep people from using my coffee mug and leaving it unclean at the Mercatus Centre, to the extent that I have hidden it in the most unlikely places. Inspite of it people have found it used it and left it lying around without cleaning it. The very people who scream property rights are good everytime you are around them have no sense for others' property. They feel free to use it.
Today I was especially ticked off. I spent 20 minutes packing some left-over food which no one else wanted after a seminar and spent another 20 carrying an especially heavy box of food despite my injured back, and leave it at my desk. When I get back from class, I find that half my food is gone, although it sits at my desk and the lid says clearly Triya's Food!! It was taken by complete strangers who had no right to even be around my desk in the first place. I will go ahead and mention that these students are in the Religion and Economics class. I may have even offered to share some of my food with them if they had only asked. To believe that anything that lies on a desk is public property is preposterous.
The question is not about stolen food it is about respecting others' property and knowing before you use something if indeed you have a right to use it. I am sure this is how books get stolen from the department, because people do not respect property rights, and we expect such students to go on and become great economists?? Fat chance if they cannot practice what they preach through their papers and animated talk.

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Jason Br. said...

Now, you realize there is at least one person in the department who doesn't believe in rights.