Monday, October 16, 2006

Yogis and Swamis

Who the heck is Baba Ramdev? If he is well known how come most people I interact with have no clue who he is? Maybe I interact with the wrong circles. It is annoying to see well educated people conned by such people calling themselves Swamis and Yogis. To the latter its just a time tested way to mint money and travel the world at others' expense. Why is Baba Ramdev in Times Square campaigning to eradicate poverty? Why does he not go to any big city in India and try to do something progressive there? I have no respect for such characters, nor for people that fall at their feet. Here is Atanu Dey's post on the same topic.

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vijay said...

You are mis-informed & very ignorant of the ground reality that exists in India.Baba Ramdev has in -fact such a strong foothold in India that over 80 million people are doing Pranayam each day,doing so they are improving their health.He does not propagate anything except the means to have good health and a good living.This hurts MNC pharma companies big-time now thats real change..He makes Indians proud to be Indians.Now thats real change....Maybe you should try Pranayam too....vids r available on Youtube...lest assured you too will be benifitted