Sunday, October 15, 2006

Urban Riversi

Almost a month ago I was in Birmingham, Alabama visiting friends. Coincidentally, the weekend that I spent there was also the annual Sidewalk festival and there were several events organised for the public. One such interactive event was Urban Riversi. Basically its like a huge tic-tac-toe game played by two teams on urban streets. Street corners had codes we had to find and punch into a special blackberry phone. The organisers in Head Quarters would accept our code and we would get three phrases which we had to enact, take pictures and mail back. Once they were accepted we would have gained control of the street corner and effectively placed our black or white coin in the corner. It was terrific game of skill and speed, and I did not understand many of the rules. I just had fun with Balaji and my new friends in Birmingham. Here are pictures of us doing crazy things. Yeah! We lost!! But it was so much fun running around the city. In one place we had to convince people in a shop that we were just part of a game. They were so shocked to see a bunch of foreigners acting strangely. Thank God it was the South, anywhere else the FBI would have come looking for us acting on anonymous calls from locals. :)

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