Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Don't let your child run!! He could get hurt

A Massachusets school has banned kids from playing any chase games during recess because they could get hurt!! (Read the story here) Well!! Time to arrest those parents, who let their kids run, for child endagerment and gross neglect!! What are the next age kids going to be like? A couple of weeks back we had a similar discussion in Prof.Wagner's class where he told us his experiences as a kid when he could get into fights at school and it was just the natural process of socialisation of kids. My brother and I used to fight a lot when we were kids. We have beat each other, wrestled each other and he even gave me a purple ear from boxing once. That hasn't made us violent as adults, nor has it made us love each other less.

However, this latest development in the MA school has me concerned on one more front about how much government control over our personal lives has increased and continues to increase. I am not comfortable with the government telling me what I should do and not do with my kids. I would want to bring my kid up the way I want. What is surprising is the lack of protest by parents against this latest move. Why are parents taking this quietly? Should we let the school system dictate that our kids cannot play tag and chase each other in the school yard during recess, because of their perceived safety issues?

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