Monday, September 11, 2006

Economics of Prayers

I think we can make a model of 'Prayer Optimization'; i.e, we can find out the optimum number of prayers that are required to a desired goal. In my case the last week or so, I urged everyone I met to pray for me so that I passed my Macro Prelims. The request got passed around and I know several people prayed for me in addition to my additional prayers. Result!! I passed!! I did not do the same for Micro and the results were disastrous. Now I know what I need to pass exams, irrespective of my preparation or performance, just the optimum amount of prayers.

Its not difficult for me to imagine that prayers help achieve goals, after all Indian politicians, movie stars and other public individuals (private individuals do the same, but the media does not care about the common man as much as about why Urmila Matondkar should receive the Guinness Book mention) offer elaborate offerings and prayers to succeed in election campaigns and such. The presence of multiple gods and goddesses makes it complicated though, especially because some gods are not happy if you show lots of attention to other gods and crave all the attention to themselves, and will go all out to disrupt your prayer cycle in any way possible (something like the Greek gods in the Iliad). So the number of constraints in the Lagrangian will be a lot for some gods than others. I have in my classes worked with a maximum of two constraints and with equality conditions. However optimizing prayers for any god or group of gods involves using the Kuhn-Tucker conditions and multiple constraints. Besides I need to account for the fact that I live in the US and Indian Almanacs are yet to be drawn for US skies so I am disadvantaged already in not knowing the auspicious and inauspicious times to pray, study, start new projects etc.

So to optimize my potential success, I need to first, with the utmost haste, learn the ancient Indian texts to make the Indian Almanac for US skies. Then I can calculate the optimum amount of prayers I will be required to do using a simple lagrangian (well not so simple, but hey I can use computers to do most of my dog work can't i?). Hopefully I will have all of this done by the time I take my exams again in January!! :) Then in addition to being successful in my exam and my course, I can also become a successful entrepreneur!!

See!! I can use economics everywhere. All I need is an incentive, and I have a lot of incentive to develop 'prayer models'. Imagine all the power and attention I will get from the Indian community here and also politicians etc. I can predict elections outcomes and since I intend to be the monopoly, I will charge just below the average cost of my potential entrants and I am assured of keeping my monopoly status for a long time (not forever of course!!).

Hmm!! Seeing that I do know micro somewhat, atleast enough to know that incentives matter and where a monopolist should price to avoid potential entrants, and know that I cannot keep my monopoly status forever due to innovation, I see clearly that it was lack of prayers that led to disastrous results!!

ps: Count the number of personal pronouns that point to me!! Self centred glory!!

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Anonymous said...

Tried understanding what you are trying to communicate - 2 inferences
1. You have done way too much of economics in the immediate recent past ...
2. As usual my shortcomings in RC comes through glaring on my face :-)

... Now let me see how well U can guess me out !!! :)