Friday, August 11, 2006

Whats new about terrorists in India

According to this news item, the US has issued an advisory that there might be possible terrorist attacks in India. Whats new about it? There are always some kind of terrorists in India at any point of time, especially now since Independence day is just round the corner. Every year around this time there is atleast one incident somewhere in the country (there is atleast one everyday in the Kashmir valey) that is classifed as a terrorist attack. Besides, Americans are paranoid anyway, and their news agencies like ABC only fuel the paranoia. Just as an example, if a house catches fire, the news report would say something like,"... we do not know yet if it was a possible terrorist attack..". C'mon guys give me a break.
Here's a very clear example of American paranoia. After the thwarted plot in Britan yesterday, ABC randomly interviewed about 4-5 people in the DC area.. one of them was a British family. All except the British family were ".. afraid for our safety.. i do not feel safe flying anymore..angry with the government and airports authority", the latter "..we are not intimidated.. they were caught weren't they.. this kinda thing happens.." Go figure!!

There are always terrorists of some kind in countries like India and Pakistan. We learn to live with that reality..

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