Monday, August 14, 2006

Udavum Karangal and what Independence means to me

Literally translated, the title means "Helping Hands". Hats off to the independent spirit of independent Indians. We have what it takes despite the odds. Think about Vidyakar. I would love to listen to his story of what it took to be where he is today. He is well known, but there are so many unsung everyday heroes. We Indians do not have grand TV programs and Medals for our heroes; nevertheless, we are proud of them. They have shaped Independent India through 59 long years. We are yet young, and have much to achieve. However, we now have the distinction of "..those ruddy Indians in call centres, they are taking our jobs away.." Makes me very proud to see the world look up and recognise, even if its due to misplaced job security and immigration fears. What a bunch of resilient people we are. Even as I write this I am grinning from ear to ear, and my chest swells in pride at our achievements.
My personal Independence Day feeling is that it is freedom from colonization and the freedom to achieve my goals and educate my country's youth in Economics that has led me here. Ya! Ya! I know its my economic self-interest it is also my psychological motivation. Back home its 15 Aug already, and its a holiday very different from the grand 4th of July celebration here. I remember being in school and we had to practice long hours for the March Past, and we used to look forward to the free candy that was distributed. Nothing fancy!! The cheapest of all candy, but it was still candy given free to us at school (I am sure it was added to our tuition) and you could hang out with friends without teachers telling you off. I am sure it hasn't changed much since my times.

(Select text to read, its in the colours of the Indian Tricolour!!)


Brian Hollar said...

Happy Independence Day, Triya!

Ali Hasanain said...

Happy Independence Day! You do realize, that since India got Independence one day later, Pakistan gets to be like the obnoxious twin who was born four minutes earlier and gets to call herself "older"!!!

Anyway, let's hope the future is bright (and peaceful) for both our countries