Monday, August 14, 2006

Help!! India is becoming communist!!!

The latest ban on Pepsi and Coke in Kerala is another instance of the leftists taking over in India. We have two of the champions of liberalisation at the helm (Dr.Manmohan Singh and Dr.Chidambaram) and yet they have let something like this happen. I remember when the incident first broke news in 2003. Does the Kerala government not realise the amount of unemployment they will have if they closed those factories down? But then, who said Kerala government was industry friendly at any point? They have always been communists, and that is what the children in Kerala grow up believeing. Someone please do something. Are the people in CDS leftists too? I thought atleast some of them were libertarians. If two Economics PhDs at the top positions in the country can do nothing about this, what hope is there for small fry like me?

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