Saturday, July 15, 2006

Widespread distrust

Reading different media accounts and having lived through a riot in 2002 I guess all I can say is that there is widespread distrust between Hindus and Muslims in India. The Hindu population is as much to blame as the muslim. I do not for one second believe that the common muslim is a terrorist. I do invite you to read this interview. What shocked me about it was the individual's repeated usage of words such as control power and rule. I would like to see a similar interview with an RSS or BJP activist. I am sure it would be on similar lines and have similar assertions about control of power, supremacy of their religion etc etc blah blah blah!! The Hindu community also has a million radical elements incognito, and yest the media does nto report them always as rightly accused by the Indian muslims. During the Gujarat riots in 2002, my hindu neighbour's six year old daughter proudly told me that she and her cousins threw stones at muslim houses, and her father proudly displayed a sword with which he trotted around the next few days along with the rest of the men in the apartment complex. I was shocked. I have always believed that what you teach young children is what you see in the future. The stories of atrocities of partition was what young children in the 50s grew up with, and in turn they taught their children similarly to dislike and hate the other community. All the different terrorist acts in the meantime have only added fuel to the fire. Its easy to find theoretical solutions for everything. However motivations and incentives of terrorits and radical elements may not always be easy to understand for the economist.

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