Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What does testing accomplish?

19 days to go and I am beginning to get annoyed with the concentrated lack of consistency of usage of terms in Macro. What is the point of using 10 different phrases to name a certain school of thought? As I plogh through the different models and empirics the big question is, just how much of this am I actually going to use eventually? If the test of advancement to candidacy is 2 months of cramming and ability to remember, everything I have fought all my life in the education system seems to be a complete waste. Why and how would it make me a worse Economist if I do not know certain empirics and models from certain papers and am unable to print them on my answer sheet? Where is the test of my real knowledge of Economics? What is the basis for the assumption that a pass in the qualifier underscores your knowledge of the subject? How good is the quality of signal of PhDs in Economics?


Ali Hasanain said...

Caplan would argue being able to work through all this material signals smarts (and I'd add self-discipline), and strictly from the PoV of Macro, I agree!!!

Michael said...

I agree with the self-disipline signal.