Monday, June 19, 2006

Wet and humid

The weather here right now is reminiscent of weather back home this time of the year. There were several thunderstorms today and I was waiting for the bus that would take me to school, when it started to pour. I had my umbrella up and took a lot of pleasure watching the rain drops fall and make little ripples on the ground. I was standing right by the traffic lights and there was a slight trough in the road in the slow lane where water tended to collect. It was fun to watch the water being splashed about by passing cars and trucks onto other cars in the next lane. At some point it became funny and I couldn't help laughing out loud everytime a car in the next lane was splashed by a huge wave of water and had to break suddenly due to sudden lack of visibility. I also played a little game guessing which passing car would make the biggest splash, and then forgot to keep track of my observation. :D

It was so much fun standing outside in the rain watching the rest of the world try to escape the rain. The bus was late which gave me 40 minutes of observation. In that time 13 cars shot the red light, and almost everyone was speeding. I guess they all just wanted to get into the relative comfort of their home. A coupla fire trucks also went by. Sigh!! Right now its mildly humid outside.. I wish I could sleep with the AC off and my windows wide open. That would be a treat. I miss being home right now during the rains; dunno what my craving for rain and humid weather is all about.. the bottom line is i love the rains and its making me mildly homesick now. This evening it was just the right kind of weather for garma garam masala chai and pakode and samose.. been ages since i just sat down outside with a cuppa, while the canopy pours, enjoying the little rogue sprinkles on me.. iam glad iam in Virginia and not Nebraska. :)