Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday before the big push..

Another lazy sunday. Listened to music I hadn't heard in ages and it felt nice. As usual once the TV came on it has been difficult to take my eyes off it. Well! it is the last day before I start my final 8 week effort I guess. Marek will be here later in the evening to comment on my progress on the keyboard. Enjoyed making my favourite dish this morning and eating it of course. Had a long chat with my parents last night and it always feels nice to listen to mom. It is amazing how much she has changed, to accommodate me, in the last six years or so. I am really proud of them. It feels great to be connected to them. I miss talking and chatting with my Prakki everyday. He has become busy at his job.

Wikipedia's article of the day is on Che Guevara. Read it here. I was surprised that a German weekly thinks of Guevara as a peaceful revolutionary. I am reading De Soto's Mystery of Capital, and the more I read it the less confident I become about my own dissertation ideas. It doesn't seem very novel to tell a Property rights, rent seeking, institutions and entrepreneurship story anymore. He seems to have done all of what I wanted to say about developing countries. I am enjoying the book a lot. My summer reading list has of course watered down to my prelims books from the ambitious fifty that I had. Ah well!! the focus is on the prelims right now.