Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rang de Basanti

Wow! What a movie. I loved it. It is zara hatke and would have been better with some more realism. What is happening to Bollywood? Suddenly there are movies like Swades and Rang de Basanti. (Can you believe it, they have wiki pages!!). I like this trend without the usual item numbers, skinny dipping and the same old girl meets boy love stories.

I don't understand all this violence against Prasad theatres for screening Da Vinci Code. After all the movie has not been banned in the country with more Christians than India.. aka USA. I saw the movie a couple of weeks back. I do not think it deserves all the hype surrounding it. Besides Christianity does not preach violence against anyone. No religion does. I am strongly in favour of the theory that these are just mischief makers and some political gimmics to win the vote banks.

aargh!! Everytime I hear about such incidents I just want to come and shake up a few people. I used to have high regard for the current PM and FM, not anymore. I thought being Economists themselves both of them would do the right thing, especially since this was a team during Liberalization almost 15 years back. Sigh! I guess as politicians they are different. I wish they would use their sound economic sense to make changes, especially since they are in a position of power to be able to do so.

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