Saturday, June 17, 2006

Prelims in August

Today, I was at school by 9:30 AM. I thought I would spend good time preparing for my prelims which are about 8 weeks away. Well, I read 3 pages of one chapter and finished the chapter, and thought I would look at previous prelims papers to see what I needed to concentrate on. Turns out, I know very little, and it discouraged me. I felt so overwhelmed that I just could nto continue studying. I organised some of my stuff and left school, and had a terrible urge to eat Indian food. Lately I never seem to be satisfied with what I eat, and I hate spending $15 on one good meal. My zest to cook has disappeared, and I eat whatever I find out of my freezer. I went to the Indian store and stocked up on comfort and ready to eat food. Just the day to choose to do all my shopping. The sun was blazing, and being saturday the bus service was minimal, so I had to walk back home 2 miles (the other option was wait 30 mins for my next bus). It wasn't that bad a walk, especially after a huge meal. I would not recommend Bombay Bistro, the lunch buffet is not worth the price. Minerva is much better, although I suspect it would be as pricey.

Well!! Came back home, saw a Japanese movie, nothing interesting, and I regret my netflix choice of it, tried to play my keyboard some, and organised some more of my stuff again. Now, its time I started studying again. I think I will just tackle one page at a time and see where it goes.

Found this interesting blogger. Check out his post and comments on Tanjore Big Temple documentary here

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