Thursday, June 22, 2006

Multimodal distribution

A few weeks back Emily presented a paper at GSPW where she had mentioned something like bimodal political structures could not reach consensus easily. I thought about this then and now as I see the reservation issue in India begin to unravel I begin to wonder if there will be consensus in a multimodal distribution like in India. In addition to the factions for and against reservation there are these several little groups that are somewhere inbetweent he two extremes and do not want to compromise either. It does look obvious that at some point quietly this law will be passed and people will be angry and unable to do anything about it. That is how several other laws have come about. But there is one thing though. The IIM Fee issue alone could have brought down the BJP lead coalition. Is the reservation issue strong enough to bring the current UPA government down? If they are overthrown who will succeed them? It can just be another coalition I suppose with all the small faction drama.

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