Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Country with the rudest city and 83,000 millionaires

India has 83,000 millionaries. Not surprising. I wouldn't be surprised if half of them were IT professionals. Read the rediff article here.

Amchi Mumbaikars are unhappy with survey results that show Mumbai as the rudest city in the world. I think the survey is not very accurate, especially on the parameters used to measure politeness and rudeness. There are vast cultural differences between the East and the West and saying ThankYou is not part of the culture in India, and that is considered rude in America. The Times article on it is here. The rediff story with reader comments is here.

My personal experience in Mumbai is rich. One time when I almost passed out on the streets late in the evening, two complete strangers helped me, they took me to a hospital, and were with me half the night until my acquaintance could come help me (I knew no one in Mumbai, and was just visiting). Like every miracle story they just disappeared without leaving any contact details.

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